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Align your business to work faster and smarter

We design Odoo solutions for forward thinkers and everyday users
Who are we
Communicate with your customers

Communication increases sales. Communicate with your customers directly in the system, find out their needs and sell more.

Explore new markets

Segment your markets by building two or more websites on the same platform. The system will collect all your visitor information in one system!

Maximise your profits

Make the right business decisions based on integrated analysis. Reduce costs, increase profits.

Run your business effectively

Manage your staff efficiently: assess  the performance of each individual or the team as a whole, set tasks and monitor progress.

Benefits of Odoo

How we do it


1. Introducing Odoo

Our consultants will give you an overview of the Odoo ERP system, its main modules and their capabilities. After the presentation, you will have the opportunity to try out the functionality of Odoo yourself in a virtual environment created specifically for you.

2. Business process analysis

We start process analysis with a 6-8 hour workshop, during which our consultant will get to know the specifics of your business processes. Small companies may require one session, while medium and larger companies often need 2 to 3 sessions. It is important that not only the company's CEO, but also specialists in their respective fields (heads of departments) participate in the business process analysis.


3. Gap analysis

Our consultants will work with your company to identify the parts of your business processes that are not covered by Odoo's standard functionality and will identify the parts of the process that require a specialised solution or integration.

4. Design and development

A detailed description of the specialised modules is developed, as well as integration with other systems and additional windows and fields for existing modules. Programming and testing work is carried out.


5. Training

Successful use of a business management system requires that users are trained to use it. Our experts will help your employees to quickly onboard and experience the benefits of the Odoo system.

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