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Business process analysis

A systematic analysis of a company's key business processes allows to find areas for improvement, prioritise changes and plan milestones to reach the final goal.


Odoo Gap analysis

Our consultants work with your company to identify the parts of your business processes that are not covered by Odoo's standard functionality, and identify the parts of the process that need a specialised solution or specialised integration.


Solution design

The design phase describes in detail the specific modules to be developed, as well as the integration with other systems and the extra windows and fields for existing modules. The project cost and timeframe shall be specified. 



Consulting includes configuration of Odoo, suggestions on the best use of Odoo's existing functionality and solutions to any problems that arise. A consultant with extensive experience in the implementation of business management systems can predict and advise on business process improvements faster, so that you can achieve the highest efficiency.  


Odoo integration

Business management systems often require integrations with other systems, such as banks, cash registers, e-shops, government institutions, parcel services, accounting software, EDI, etc. These functions require special attention, so our programmers make sure that systems communicate smoothly.  


Maintenance and support of Odoo

Every IT system needs to be maintained and supported in order to keep it operational. Generally speaking, maintenance and support activities can be divided into three types:

  •  Information system (IS) error correction - this is the process of correcting defects in order to make the system meet the requirements.

  •  Adapting the IS to a different operating environment - upgrading the system to operate in a different environment from the one in which it was originally installed.

  • Modifying or extending the functionality of a system to meet newly emerging requirements.


Odoo development

Programming and execution of the specialised modules, additional windows, printouts, reports, automated system tests described in the project design phase.


Odoo training

Successful use of a business management system requires that users are trained to use it. Our experts will help your employees to quickly onboard and experience the benefits of the Odoo system.

EMR / HIS / PACS implementation

Implementation of electronic medical records systems in hospitals and clinics. Integration with national and local financing, billing, HR and warehouse solutions, including Odoo.

Digitalization of the radiology department and enabling access to digital imaging throughout the healthcare facility.

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